All students participate in a one-hour session of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) per week. STEM provides students with the chance to develop their critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and design. Students are also exposed to Coding using IPads, Beebots, Spheros, Minecraft, and Makey Makey's as well as performing a variety of fun and challenging unplugged coding tasks.  


Students participate in one hour of Physical Education per week. Students from F-2 primarily focus on developing their Fundamental Movement Skills.  They learn how to move their bodies and apply these skills to various games. Students in grades 3/4 continue to develop their Fundamental Movement Skills but do this within the context of various sports.  Grade 5/6 students learn about the rules and skills for various sports.  They apply these when partaking in Interschool Sports every week in Semester 1 and for Gala Days in Semester 2. All students participate in the Meadows Athletics Carnival.  This is held during Term 1.  Students compete in various athletic events and some novelty events.  Parents and friends are always welcome to come and help on the day, or just enjoy watching their children compete.

The Visual Art program challenges all children to achieve their creative potential in an enjoyable and supportive environment. Everyone is an artist! Students engage in a one hour session each week to inspire imagination, support critical and creative thinking as well as refining artistic skills. Through Visual Arts children develop an understanding of the various art forms through art appreciation, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and textiles; using the visual arts elements of line, shape, tone, colour and texture. All students’ learn to make choices when experimenting with materials, tools and techniques by documenting the process in their Visual Art diaries. At Meadows Primary School, these experiences will allow for the development of a life long appreciation and understanding of the Visual Arts.

PERFORMING ARTS - Drama and Music

Students take part in a weekly 1 hour lesson that is sequentially organised; the activities are designed to gain knowledge, skills and understandings relating to Dance, Drama and Music. The lesson begins with a Warm Up session this enables the students to warm up, prepare their body, and mind for the lesson.  In all the performing arts, the students learn about themselves, different cultures, creativity, the environment and celebrations.  For these reasons, Meadows Primary strongly values The Performing Arts in the curriculum.  The students have the opportunity to become involved in additional activities such as the choir from (Grade 3-6), Drama Club (grade 2-6) and various other events, including visiting performers and activities that frequently arise throughout the year.