School Profile

Meadows Primary School is located in residential Broadmeadows in the North West Victorian Region (NWVR).  Meadows Primary has a Kindergarten and a Community Hub on site, which provides the opportunity for a smooth transition into the school and extensive community engagement and involvement. Our purpose is to identify students’ point of need and deliver exceptional learning programs that focus on academic, social and emotional growth.

Meadows Primary School engages in the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) framework and Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) and believes positive behaviours can, and should be taught. These strategies support students and teachers in their decision making. Our values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience align to SWPBS and BSEM and underpins how the school community operates and interacts with one another.

The school values collaboration amongst all staff, and engages in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to maintain a sustained focus on learning. Staff have agency and voice, and follow the Teaching and Learning Cycle to develop their professional knowledge and understanding as a means to support improvement in student outcomes.

Enrolments are currently at 325 students with our Student Family Occupation (SFO) index at .79. Our SFOE is .65. The school is proudly multicultural, having 27 language backgrounds other than English with 78% of students recognized as English as Additional Language (EAL). Meadows Primary school has an increasing number of families with refugee status and/or new arrivals to Australia. It is often the case that children from these families enter Meadows Primary School with little to no English. These students may have had limited exposure to formalised schooling and may have experienced traumatic events in their lives. The school, in conjunction with the community hub, provide programs that support these families. School staffing comprises two Principal class members, three Leading Teachers, one Learning Specialist (literacy), 18 fulltime teaching staff, four part time teaching staff, 11 teaching support staff, two multicultural teacher aides and one ancillary support member. The school runs specialist programs in Physical Education, Visual Art, Performing Arts, STEM and Spanish.

School Vision and Values

'We are an inclusive and safe learning community that empowers students to achieve their potential and live our values. We are responsible, respectful and resilient’.